Here’s a clip of Bronson singing Help the Poor with the Jose Ramirez Band at JV’s Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia on August 8th, 2019. This was the first show on the band’s first US tour. The following week we hit the road for Ohio, Chicago, Wisconsin, Nebraska, St. Louis, Florida, North Carolina, and Maine. Thanks to Richard and Linda for their support and for the video.


The Abbey Road Jazz Ensemble is the perfect mashup. Jazz and Beatles. We take your old favorites, strip them down to their core, and build them back up into new jazz standards. The group is the brainchild of drummer James Herron. It features the silky Craig Gildner on guitar and vocals, and the hardest working bass player in DC Cynthia Elliott. Check out our site for more info.


Here’s a montage of a show I did with XRay and the Shades. That band is led by drummer James Herron. On this date it featured Jonathan Epley and Ethan Foote. The video quality wasn’t the best to work with, but you’ll get the idea.


My SoundCloud page is still a work in progress. However there’s one piece on here that I’m very pleased to share. It’s called Béke. It’s a jazz ballad I wrote a few years ago that I hope to feature on my upcoming album.


Walrus Boot was a band that never had a gig. But that’s OK because recording and rehearsing for this video shoot was total joy. From the mind of Mark Stanley, Walrus Boot was a funky experiment of sounds and feels. Mark brought in some incredible players for this, starting with the drummer from Clutch Jean-Paul Gaster. On bass was Crack the Sky’s own Dave DeMarco. Horn players are my old friends Dave Sames and Chris Reiher. My good friend and colleague Dave Cooper took the video, and I put the whole thing together. We did each track three times, and even without a click track, JP was able to lock it down so tight that editing was a breeze.