Breaking boxes.


Bronson Hoover is a bit of a renaissance man. He’s been a sous chef, touring keyboard player, animator, motion graphics artist, broadcast television cameraman, PTA president, bass player, drummer, artist, songwriter, faux finish painter, theatrical technical director, lighting designer, and pit orchestra conductor. He’s worked in a factory installing glass, as a typist, paper delivery assistant, dishwasher, prep cook, house painter, drywall pointer, carpenter’s assistant, caterer, landscaper, and even a snowplow driver. Don’t box him in.

As a pianist Bronson’s had the great fortune to learn from the best. Bronson has studied with Dave Kane, George Colligan, Barney McAll, Ron Elliston, and Bill Boublitz. He’s shared the stage with Parliament/Funkadelic, G Love and Special Sauce, and Charlie Hunter to name a few. He’s jammed in Prague, Frankfort, Kyoto, and Negril with some great players, and he’s always ready for the next adventure.

Bronson has traveled much of the US playing keys with spectacular groups like with Costa Rican phenom Jose Ramirez, Baltimore’s funk odyssey Jay Jay, DC’s roots/rock/reggae powerhouse Orange Whip, and jazz fusion group the Atomic Brothers with Buck Brown. He’s played bass for local favorite Hollow Prophets, and he’s even played the drums at Gypsy Sally’s in DC for killer roots/country band Burt the Dirt. Locally Bronson has played with some great players like Allison Miller, Jeff Reed, Amy Shook, Jonathan Epley, Jean Paul Gaster, Dave DeMarco, Ele Rubenstein, Anthony Jenkins, Nikki Lerner, Denise Henderson, Steve Sachse, Nasar Abadey, Mike Noonan, Walter Cosby, George Jones, Wes Crawford, and Eric Cathcart. Dude’s been around the block.

In 1999, switching gears and starting a career in broadcast television, he began a new journey as a cameraman for Chris Matthews and Tim Russert and soon moved to graphics playback for Nightline and ABCNews. After taking an animation course at the Corcoran Design School, he switched to motion graphic design and hasn’t looked back. Bronson has produced video pieces for the likes of Michelle Obama, the BBC, AARP, and Marriott. He’s currently an Adobe Certified Instructor and teaches regularly. You can see more of his visual work at

When not working or practicing, he stays busy raking leaves and yelling at his lawn in rural Montgomery County, MD. Bronson has a wonderful wife, two teenage sons and he’s having a blast.


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