With Michelle Obama, Linda Olliver, and Michael Wilker in the White House.

With Michelle Obama, Linda Olliver, and Michael Wilker in the White House.

This is a panel discussion next to the First Lady’s kitchen garden on the White House grounds. In the middle is NBA legend Alonzo Mourning (who spent 20 minutes telling me all about his life post-basketball). On the right is 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg. This event happened in October of 2016 and there was already buzz for Mayor Pete’s future. The empty chair in front of me was filled with Alonzo Mourning while Michelle Obama spoke. So of course, I couldn’t see her. Mr. Mourning is really, freakin’ tall (and very kind).

My side hustle began in 1999 when I landed a gig as a camera operator for a new hit show on MSNBC called “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” In a matter of months, my new career catapulted me from behind the camera to a life in graphics. Nearly 20 years later I’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing people including a project for the lovely Michelle Obama.

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behind the Camera

My broadcast career began at MSNBC in DC. That was really fun.



I met and worked with some amazing people during my time in broadcast television. Tim Russert was my hero. And Walter Cronkite was no joke.



Say what you like about his four years in the White House, Jimmy Carter has led an honorable life and is an inspiration to us all. He was the only guest I actively pursued to meet during my years in television. This photo took 3 appearances, 4 years, and 2 studios to come to fruition.