Here it comes ...

So my run of playing is upon us. I took roughly a decade off from being in front of an audience. About a year before my first child was born I began to change my focus and drive from music to fatherhood. Being a father is the most rewarding gift a man can receive, and I wanted to give it my all. As they grow older, however, they need me less, and it’s time to start the process of letting them go. Just writing that sentence is tough, but to quote the nearly re-released Lion King, “it’s the circle of life.” So back into music I go.

I haven’t been on a stage with a large crowd for a very long time. There’s a wonderful rush when the people listening are returning as much love as we hope to give. This Saturday’s ArtScape show will bring that all back for me. It’s gonna be a blast.

We’re on at 6:00 on the main stage. The song list is so freakin’ fun. Every tune is a feel good hit of funk, soul and a little reggae. Don’t miss it!

Bronson Hoover