All packed up and ready to go ...

We hit the road tomorrow evening for a month of music and friendship. Packing for a month is tricky. Especially when you have to think about what to wear both during the day, and at the gig in the evening. How many shoes do you bring? Will you bring less shoes than Charles the bass player? Do you really need that extra XLR cable?

Thankfully, we’re not leaving the comforts of major cities in the United States. So we’ll never be too far from a music store or a Kohl’s. But you never know. I might need that second pair of nail clippers.

I’m pretty excited about this adventure. I sure hope I can get some sleep tonight. It will be the last night in my comfy bed with my amazing wife for a month, so I better get some rest.

I’ll try my best to post photos and updates here. But I’ll most likely be active on Facebook. If you’d like to follow along on this journey across America, visit my Facebook page. Whenever possible, we’ll post to Facebook live on Jose’s Facebook page.